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The portraits of a mother
Are too hard to portray in words,
The pages are tired now;
They still haven’t caught the essence
Of gratitude and appreciation,
Or maybe I am just not there yet 
As an artist.
Yet I adore
Just how a mother,
Without either pen or pencil,
Presents her masterpiece to the world.

-Garima Saxena

A very happy birthday to my dearest mother!

23 thoughts on “Mother

    1. Thank you for your wishes! I tried my best to make the day special for her.🙂 True, the handmade gifts are the ones that our loved ones like best because they are specially customised with love and happiness! Thank you for your comment!

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    1. Thank you, Gauri! I agree. Free-verse is truly powerful and one of the hardest forms of poetry, in my opinion. Sometimes, it’s harder to not follow rules than it is to follow them. Truly appreciate your compliments, thank you!


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