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The Tragedy of My Pen

My Parker's cap got lost one day;
I just could not find where it lay!
I searched for it under my desk
Within my books and made a mess,
I checked the lockers of my friends;
Every nook and every bend.
I turned my pockets upside down
Checked my shoes, began to frown;
I swept every particle off the floor
And checked the hinges of the door,
I searched all drawers and cupboards
And checked if it camouflaged with the words,
I peeped inside the sockets and holes
And also inside chart paper rolls,
I checked between the loose cement
Every crack and every dent.
I checked the keyholes and the locks
And even among pieces of rocks!

When I finally knew defeat
I returned back to my seat;

Just one last time I checked my pouch;
Ah! Right there! After searching all around!
But to my great annoyance now,
My Parker was nowhere to be found!

-Garima Saxena

13 thoughts on “The Tragedy of My Pen

    1. 😊Good to know! When something ‘belongs to’ me, it just belongs to me. I can lend my book, but can’t have anyone write anything on it. I won’t use someone else’s, even if it is exactly the same. Thank you for sharing!

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