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My blog is a fusion of poetry and art, which in my opinion are the two most beautiful forms of self-expression! Each post is based on yet another unique theme that I hope shall help you reach a tranquil place within. Happy reading!

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The portraits of a mother Are too hard to portray in words, The pages are tired now; They still haven’t caught the essence Of gratitude and appreciation, Or maybe I am just not there yet As an artist. Yet I adore Just how a mother, Without either pen or pencil, Presents her masterpiece to theContinue reading “Mother”

The Tragedy of My Pen

My Parker’s cap got lost one day; I just could not find where it lay! I searched for it under my desk Within my books and made a mess, I checked the lockers of my friends; Every nook and every bend. I turned my pockets upside down Checked my shoes, began to frown; I sweptContinue reading “The Tragedy of My Pen”

संस्कृतदिवसस्य हार्दाः शुभेच्छाः!

संस्कृतः भारतस्य रागः संस्कृतः देवानां भाषा संस्कृतः अस्माकं गौरवः शक्तिः च संस्कृतदिवसस्य हार्दाः शुभेच्छाः! Sanskrit is the melody of IndiaSanskrit is the language of the GodsSanskrit is our pride and strengthHappy Sanskrit Day! – गौरी, गरीमा (Gauri, Garima)

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