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My blog is a fusion of poetry and art, which in my opinion are the two most beautiful forms of self-expression! Each post is based on yet another unique theme that I hope shall help you reach a tranquil place within. Happy reading!

Latest from the Blog

The Beauty of Weeds- Loop poetry

Let the art unfold! Unfold the delicate petals of weeds- Weeds that were wedged inside an ancient book- Book that gave them their pretty look! Look enhanced by the resin- Resin encases their beauty forever, Forever gleaming in their beautiful colour! Colour that gorgeous beads can’t offer- Offer a natural accessory, Accessory not of platinum,Continue reading “The Beauty of Weeds- Loop poetry”

Veggies- Haiku

It’s yellow and green, When bitter-gourd sprouts tendrils- It too becomes sweet. Broccoli flower, Within the flower of leaves- Becomes delicious. Ridge-gourd by stick, Takes shelter from the showers- Under its flower. A curious scene, The cluster beans camouflage- In the foliage. All the carrots hide, Under the grand bush of leaves- Subterranean. Small flowerContinue reading “Veggies- Haiku”

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